Have You Outgrown Where You Were Planted?
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outgrowing your pot Amanda flisher self leadership

Have You Outgrown Where You Were Planted?

A few weeks ago, I received news that three women I have been working with all took new positions.

(This is not a typical Monday event, by the way, but I’ll take it!)

Each of them works in completely different fields, have worked with me for different periods of times, and accepted new positions in different ranks.

It was awesome, amazing, and I was thrilled for each one of them for their own special reasons.

However, I did notice they all fit a pattern: They had all outgrown where they were planted.

Have You Outgrown Your Pot?

I love the phrase “Prosper where you are planted.” because it is absolutely true…

Until it’s not.

For these women, prospering where they were planted had reached its end. They all were ready to up-level their careers and redefine their own success

They were tired of waiting for someone to tap them on the shoulder for the next promotion and they were very done “shoulding” themselves about being “grateful” for having a job. 

Instead, they self-lead themselves right into amazing interviews and landed the next step in their journeys.

Self-leaders know how to make the most of where they are planted, but they also know when they have outgrown the pot. 

Are you ready to outgrow where you have been planted? Are you tired of being grateful when you want to grow and do bigger things?

No one is going to give you the permission you need to grow like you can.

Someone might finally give you a little recognition at work after 7 years of your time, but it won’t be the kind you are waiting for.

No one is finally going to sit down with you and Marie Kondo that closet of yours. 

Maybe a cool new friend may drag you on a hike but it is not enough to start taking your health seriously.

Are You Ready to Grow?

Spring is just beginning. If you are tired of growing where you were planted, maybe it is time to find a new pot to fill.

Let’s chat. If you are ready to learn more about coaching one-on-one with me, let’s chat. I can send you details for a discovery session.

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