How I Work
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How I Work

The work I do focuses primarily on shifting clients from a reactive state of waiting
in permission to an active state of acting in self-leadership.

WAITING in Permission

Letting others define your success
Afraid to ask for what you want
Wanting to appear strong or virtuous
Performing or acting for others
Accepting only what’s given


ACTING in Self-Leadership

Defining what you want
Knowing how to ask for what you need
Knowing how to be vulnerable
Knowing how to discard “shoulds”
Actively getting what you want

My Process

The work I do is highly personalized, but the process I take clients and teams through is what I call the

Permission to Leadership Shift.


Edit the Stories

Our inner dialogue is rich with the stories we tell ourselves and believe to be true when, in fact, most are fiction. By examining this inner dialogue we can find
 where edits can be made.


Examine the Stucks

Many of the barriers we face are, at worst, obstacles and more often figments of our imagination. The problem is that we assume the barrier is a final end point.


Release False Beliefs

Much of our belief system is informed by influential people in our life. We often take on sets of values because it’s all we know. Your true values need to be exposed for real success to happen.


Decide For Yourself

When you edit your stories for truth, examine the traps in thinking that keep you stuck, and get really clear on what you value , you are now prepared to act in self-leadership . You begin by making values-based decisions that are right for you.