My Services
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My Services

I work with individuals and teams to develop self-leadership skills. My clients will:

  • Uncover truths about their potential
  • Gain more confidence in their skills
  • Define a better version of success and set realistic goals to achieve it
  • Design work/life balance

Work With Me

Active Self-Leadership Coaching

You hold all the answers, but there are few questions we ask to help you decide if coaching is for you.

How do I know if I’m ready?
  • Do you know there is more success and joy waiting for you?
  • Are you ready to reevaluate what you’ve always known in the quest for something better?
  • When you decide to do something are you all in?
  • Will you prioritize this work as if it were assigned from your highest authority?
  • Will you come in ready to laugh, cry, question, and verbally spar, and have a great time doing it?

If you answered yes to those questions, then Active Self Leadership Coaching is DEFINITELY for you.

  • Self Leadership Coaching is process that takes time.
  • I ask for a minimum 3-month commitment with weekly sessions.

Strengths Based Development Session

(Individual and Groups)

Strengths-based development is an in-depth look into what you do exceptionally well and how to apply it to all aspects of life. Together we go through your top talents and assess behaviors of what got you here and where you want to go.

Sessions can be done with one-on-ones, in groups or in a single session.

Individually we will:

  • Assess strengths using the StrengthsFinder® assessment
  • Explore areas where strengths can be applied
  • Shift action away from weaknesses
  • Insights into how to use strengths as tools

Groups and teams will:

  • Explore where gaps in strengths are on the team
  • Learn how to lead with strengths
  • Change team dynamics by reexamining roles

Corporate Active Self-Leadership Training

My trainings are designed in collaboration, and entirely unique to each organization. Prior to booking, we’ll discuss your needs as an organization and the needs of attendees. I will suggest training material and timing that will work best.

My goal is always to affect real and meaningful change in every engagement.

We will:

  • Identify core training needs that will yield maximum results
  • Define success of the training
  • Have clear direction how to use training upon completion