Do we have this popular paradigm backwards?
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Do we have this popular paradigm backwards?

Yesterday as I was sitting with a friend, she said something about how tired she was at trying to “be” everything but loved doing what she was doing.

Then a light bulb went off….

What if we have the “Being vs. Doing” paradigm all wrong?
What if we started DOING more but stopped BEING less?

The old paradigm tells us to “be” more and “do” less and I’m pretty sure I have written those exact words at one time BUT…

the real paradigm should say: “Stop Being Everything and Start Doing What Matters”.

So here are my questions for you:

What if you stopped being perfect in all the rolls you play?
What if you stopped being busy for the sake of being busy?
What if you stopped being everything to everyone?
What if you stopped being someone that isn’t you?

Then shifted to…

What if it was about doing the things you love?
What if it was about doing all the things that aren’t for financial gain but because you enjoy it?
What if it was about doing more in your day that was actually valuable to you?
What if it was about doing more that aligned to what you are naturally gifted at?

Doing more isn’t the issue.
Trying to BE something or someone that you are not is the issue.

I say this because my plate is FULL and I LOVE it. Everything that is on my plate I have chosen to be there. I have chosen to take on more because it is allowing me to become whom I am meant to be.

The greatest gift of when you chose what is on your plate, is that you will find the time to do it all.

 Look at your plate today.
Is everything on there helping to BE who you are meant to be?
Is everything on there what you want to be DOING?

Take stock in Doing what matters and Let Go of Being everything you think you need to be.

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