You are the catalyst to solving this dilemma
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You are the catalyst to solving this dilemma

Hope you caught my newsletter from last week about Waiting in Permission. If not I highly recommend you do. 


Because I outline the very thing MOST people do: wait. 

Most of the people I interact with in my business (and in life) are waiting for something to happen to them. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

“When I lose the weight, then X can happen.” 
“After I get that promotion, then I will have ‘made’ it!”
“If they would just listen to me, we could finally get X accomplished.”
“Once I figure out my purpose, then I’ll be happy.”

From the get go we are taught this narrative about cause and effect. “If ___ happens, then X happens.” 

The problem is that many times we are afraid to be the catalyst to cause the effect. 

We get trapped in our own stories that may or may not be true. We take on values that no longer serve us or maybe never did. We hold up old beliefs for years and years and years, where when we finally look back on our lives, we realize how much we missed out on because of them. 

Recently I spoke with a new client who has the “waiting in permission” dilemma. 

Everything they want in life is hinging on the statement “if I just could be ____, then X will happen”. And I am not kidding, they said it 8 different times in our session, without knowing they were saying it. 

But what if they changed the narrative? 

What if this client actually made X happen before ___ did? OR better yet, what if X happened which made ____ much easier to happen? 

What would that look like? What would be possible for this client? What other cause and effect situations could they control, if they just let go of this waiting dilemma?

And….how about you? 

What would be possible if you just let go of the narrative and finally go after X? 
What kind of power would that do for you? 

I imagine it would be freeing. 

This weekend take some time to examine your narratives and discover what you are waiting on. What kinds of permission do you need to grant yourself so that you can finally be, have or do X?

–  –  –

And as always, I am here to guide, listen and push you in ways you never knew possible!

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